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Complete, Yet User Friendly Property Management Software!
We, at Property Boulevard, Inc., developed a new approach to property management software. Our property management software provides you with a paperless office, which keeps perfect digital records of all transactions, documents, and correspondences, but this is only the beginning. As you enter data, Property Boulevard serves as a behind-the-scenes assistant, compiling reports, organizing information, printing out checks, and sending reminders. Once you try Property Boulevard, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Two types of software to meet different user needs:

Property Boulevard is designed for the property manager or management company who requires advanced management and accounting functions (for commercial, residential, association and government properties). The property-management-software will keep tract of multiple buildings, and multiple users interfacing on a network.
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My Property is designed for the manager or landlord who does not require many of the more sophisticated features of Property Boulevard. Simple and affordable, this package is perfect for the manager who is computerizing their office for the first time.
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