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My Property
For only $495 you can put your charges on auto-pilot and let MyProperty take care of your business

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Because sometimes managing your own property is enough work, we provide MyProperty software. MyProperty leverages all the concepts and techniques from the PropertyBoulevard product, and repackages them into a smaller, more nimble utility. Concentrating on key features such as property, units and tenant management, receivable, collection, and accounts payable, MyProperty allows you to concentrate on the other tasks you need to do. Itís a whole lot cheaper too!! If you do not need payroll, inventory, purchase-order, work-order and reconciled CAM, and if you do not require multi-users, networked office, then MyProperty is perfect for you. For only $495 you can put your charges on auto-pilot and let MyProperty take care of your business.

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For a larger selection of credit-cards and debit-cards, you may buy MyProperty via ClickBank:
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Product Modules
A key grouping of modules is provided with the My Property software. These modules provide everything the smaller business needs to succeed, without burdening them with excess features or cost.

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Cash-in, Cash-Out, Accounting and Financial statements:
Receivable Charges
  • Multiple recurring charges per tenant
  • Completely automated recurring charges
  • Multiple recurring charges per unit
  • Time-sensitive recurring charges
  • Custom charges
  • Subsidies (such as Section-8)
  • Automated rent-increases
  • Automated late-fee

Receivable Payment
  • Cash receipts
  • Receipts from a 3rd party (Sec.8)
  • Receipt not from a tenant (non-rental receipt)
  • Dynamically apply/waive late fee
  • Bad (NSF) check
  • Write-offs
  • Discounts

Payable Charges
  • Recurring charges
  • Completely automated recurring charges
  • Auto start/end recurring charges
  • Vendor restrictions
  • Separate check requirement
  • Cashier check requirement

Payable Payment
  • MICR check (no more ordering checks)
  • User-defined check format
  • Cashier's check

  • Both accrual and cash at all times
  • Financial statements per property
  • Aggregate financial statements
  • Recurring Journal Entries
  • Automated reversal in next period
  • Cross-reference to external chart

  • Multiple bank accounts, linkable to individual or multiple properties
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Account register
  • MICR deposit slip
  • Deposit slip per property
  • Combined deposit slip per account

Productivity and Security Features:
  • Custom tool-bar
  • Security controlled visibility
  • Online help
  • Free user support forums
  • Context sensitive help
  • Automatic updates

Paperless Office
  • Multiple comments per item
  • Support for digital images
  • External document attachments

  • Separate login for each user
  • Custom security per user
  • Restrict access to specific functions
  • Restrict access to specific properties
  • Window/Feature-level security
  • Ability to turn on-off
  • Graceful switch to a single user mode

Unit and Tenant Management Features:
  • User defined unit type
  • Unit size and market value
  • Bedroom, bathroom, key, parking
  • User defined utilities
  • User defined appliances
  • User defined amenities
  • Events log

  • Alternate tenant address
  • Property-sensitive pool
  • Multiple leases
  • Custom anniversary date
  • Events log
  • User defined status
  • Restrictive charges, payments, and legal notices
  • User defined tenant's status

  • Multiple tenants per unit
  • Multiple units per tenant
  • Multiple leases for each Tenant-Unit
  • Multiple recurring charges for each Tenant-Unit
  • Separate move-in/move-out to/from each unit

Legal Notices
  • Pre-loaded standard notices
  • User defined notices
  • Single tenant process
  • Multiple tenants process
  • Selective recipients (scoping by criterion)
  • Restrictions (in legal)

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Property Boulevard Matrix
  • Do you want to compare with other software? Download our Features Matrix (PDF, 60k) and compare!

    My Property Pricing:
    Price: $495.00
    Buy it now!

    Optional Support Subscription:
    Annual Fee1: $49.00
    (plus software cost)
    Buy it now!

    1Payment of the Annual Subscription fee entitles you to receive free updates and three technical support incidents for one year. Additional technical support incidents (or incidents in which no subscription fee has been paid) will be billed at $75.00 per incident.

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